I have always loved tech

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My quick story

Since my early days at 11 years old, building web stuff has been my passion. It all started with Geocities, where I created sites to host Flash animations for friends. As the digital landscape evolved, so did my skills – from crafting fan-club websites with Dreamweaver to making MySpace pages pop with my HTML and CSS abilities. That same drive for creation and design has never left me.

My journey has taken me through various creative and technical realms – from music and photography to sound engineering, electronic engineering, programming, video production, feature film post-production, VR games, to immersive 3D sound experiences.

In recent years, my professional focus has shifted significantly towards software development. I've had the privilege of working with senior developers and designers, absorbing invaluable insights into what makes a product truly stand out.

As a developer

My coding ethos is centered on clarity and accessibility. Initially, I build to ensure functionality, but I dedicate considerable effort to refining my code - commenting, organizing, and ensuring it's welcoming to any collaborator. Mi casa es tu casa in the world of code.

Efficiency and maintainability are my mantras. Functional features are good, but sustainable, and adaptable code is the gold standard. It’s not just about making it work; it’s about crafting it to last and be easily managed.

I thrive on new projects, as each one is a new chapter of learning and growth. Every challenge is an opportunity to expand my horizons.

As a person

The best way to describe me is resourceful. I approach problems with a MacGyver mindset, breaking them down and crafting innovative solutions. My creativity is a key ally in navigating challenges.

Curiosity is my constant companion; I'm a perpetual learner. My diverse skill set and interests not only enrich my life but continually feed into my professional development, shaping me into a well-rounded, T-shaped individual.

As a colleague

My collaborative spirit is a core part of who I am. With a background encompassing both engineering and the arts, I bridge gaps between the technical and creative minds in any team. Going the extra mile for my team is second nature to me.

With a decade of experience as a teacher, my communication skills are top-notch. I excel at breaking down complex ideas into understandable segments, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

My time at startups, and leading projects with tech giants like Facebook and Amazon, has honed my ability to balance business acumen with high-quality production. My leadership in these collaborations has been a highlight of my career.

I'm always up for making a great espresso and showing off my latte art skills. A food enthusiast at heart, I'm your go-to for the next potluck.

I'm eager to connect and collaborate – reach out!