Developing your skills after coding bootcamp


Supercharge Your Post-Bootcamp Web Development Skills: Strategies for Success in 2024 and Beyond. This is meant to be a comprehensive guide spans from frontend and backend development to cloud computing, DevOps, and beyond. It emphasizes the importance of a broad skill set in web development, encouraging developers to explore a wide range of technologies and tools. This approach not only prepares developers for diverse challenges but also equips them to become well-rounded professionals in their field.

JavaScript cheatsheet


A cheatsheet for JavaScript interviews. Based on Dylan Israel’s awesome Scrimba Frontend Interview Tips, I wrote a few code examples to help with these concepts.

React interview cheatsheet


A cheatsheet for React interviews that goes over hooks, the DOM, props and more unique Reactyness

Prof G: Sprinters Around The World


This past week many of us have spent a little too much time staring at maps. An electoral map shows division by default. I want to show you a map that shows quite the opposite.